Our investment strategies and ESG solutions: SFDR alignment

Incorporated in the ACTIAM Sustainable Investment Policy and approach

  • Support the transition towards a sustainable economy

An assessment of sustainability risks and opportunities

  • Into the decision making for all its investments
  • Using a proprietary view on materiality
  • Leads to better informed decisions and better risk-adjusted returns in the long run

Structurally identifies and prioritises adverse impacts on sustainability factors

  • Factors defined by SFDR are considered for entire investment universe
  • Environmental
  • Social and employee matters
  • Respect for human rights
  • Anti-corruption and anti-bribery matters

SFDR classification ACTIAM funds

  • ACTIAM sets concrete impact and sustainability goals for all assets under management
  • Annual reporting of progress made/ results achieved
  • No investments in companies/issuers that are qualified as non adaptive or show unacceptable behaviour
  • If possible, engagement takes place focused on the transition (adaptivity to “safe & just zone”)